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Kaspar X z

If I had a soul (short film)

Kaspar X – If I had a soul
24 Minutes
Directed by Kaspar Wan
Produced by Sophia Shek and Kaspar Wan

Film Festivals where the short film has been screened:

  • Sep 2015 28th Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival 2015 (Best Documentary Short Award, Jury Award)
  • Sep 2015 26th Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 2015
  • Dec 2015 8th Omovies Homosexual Transgender and Questioning Film Festival 2015
  • Feb 2016 23rd Mardi Gras Film Festival 2016
  • Jun 2016 2nd ShanghaiPRIDE Film Festival 2016 (Short Film Competition Best Film Runner-up, Audience Choice)
  • Sep 2016 4th Beyond the Blue Sky Queer Film Festival, Mongolia
  • Oct 2016 10th Iris Prize, UK
  • Nov 2016 5th USN Expo Sardinia Queer Short Film Festival, Italy
  • Feb 2017 1st Pink Lobster: New Brunswick’s LGBTQ Film Festival
  • Mar 2017 18th Brisbane Queer Film Festival
  • Apr 2017 1st Out & Loud Pune International Queer Film Festival, India

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If I had a soul is a short film that follows Kaspar’s personal journey through his conversations with his family, his friends and with God, as he connects with his inner self and comes to terms with being a trans-man.

Kaspar lived through a depressing phase in life to finally find his true self and becoming the beacon of hope for all transgender people who are struggling to realign their body with their soul. We are now working on a full-length feature film that documents the complete story of Kaspar’s struggles before and after his transition. It is the first of its kind that has been produced in Hong Kong and aims to not only enlighten but also entertain.

This is how you can help us finish telling his powerful story:

  • By sponsoring us with funds which will go towards completing the production.
  • By sharing this page on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • By sending us your queries, feedback, and interview requests at

短片《If I had a soul透過小強和家人、朋友及與神的交談, 紀錄小強尋找內在真我,而最終發現自己為一個跨性別男生(跨仔)的心路歷程。小強曾經歷他的人生低谷,及後終於完成了他作為一個跨性別者的自我成全。他並期望能激勵所有渴望做回自己,以達致內外和諧的跨性別者。我們現正製作一套關於他在性別過渡中掙扎的長篇紀錄片。過往香港電影從未以此作為題材,因此本片以開明而不失娛樂性的角度,分享主人翁的實踐豐盛人生。 你可以透過以下方法協助將他的故事宣揚開去:

  • 贊助籌備中的長篇紀錄片製作費
  • 在Facebook、Twitter或Instagram等社交媒體上分享本網頁
  • 將閣下的查詢、回饋及採訪要求電郵至

About Kaspar


Kaspar Wan 小強

Kaspar Wan 小強

Director, Producer 導演及監製

Kaspar Wan is a proud trans-man from Hong Kong, who has acquired gender X on his Australian Passport. After finding himself, Kaspar has now set up a charitable organisation, Gender Empowerment, to work with the trans community in Hong Kong. They provide various supports to the community, and work with different stakeholders in order to create social change. He has participated in regional and international meetings concerning trans and LGBTI issues, such as the WPATH Symposium, the Asia Pacific Trans Health Blueprint meeting and the UN organised “Being LGBT in Asia” regional dialogue. Kaspar frequently shares his experience as a transgender person at universities (HKU, CUHK, BU, City U, HKIEd, etc.), corporates (like Goldman Sachs & HSBC), media (newspaper, TV, radio), and at community events (like IDAHOT). He has worked on an EOC funded research project on possible sexual harassment that trans persons may encounter at security settings and is now doing his MPhil study research on parents of trans persons.

小強是一位居於香港的跨仔(跨性別男生)。X代表在其澳洲護照上的自選性別。小強積極為香港的跨性別社群權益發聲,曾在世界跨性別人士健康專業協會(WPATH)、亞洲和太平洋地區跨性別健康藍圖會議(Asia Pacific Trans Health Blueprint Meeting)及聯合國舉辦的「女男同志、雙性戀及跨性別在亞洲」(“Being LGBT in Asia”)等國際性和地區性會議中,以來自香港的跨仔身份去進行交流。在香港,他則成立了一個慈善組織 – 〈性別空間〉,為本地跨性別社群提供不同的支援,和一個自助互助的平台。小強不時受邀在不同的大專院校如:香港大學、中文大學、浸會大學、城市大學及教育大學等,及私人企業如高盛、滙豐,和電視、報章雜誌等傳媒,並在國際不再恐同日等社區活動上分享作為跨性別人士的經驗。他曾負責一個由平機會資助的研究項目,以了解跨性別人士在面對保安部門人員時會遇到的問題;而他現在正修讀碩士研究,著眼於跨性別人士的父母和家庭關係。

About the Team


Sophia Shek 石晶瑩

Sophia Shek 石晶瑩

Producer 監製

Sophia has worked over a decade in the Film and TV industry in Europe, Asia, and Australia. She produces with an awful lot of heart and passion, just like the way she lives her life. 石晶瑩小姐擁有超過十年的豐富電視及電影製作經驗,足跡遍佈歐洲、亞洲及澳洲,過往參與過幾部荷里活電影的拍攝;作品正如其人,滿載心思和熱忱。
Anshuman Das

Anshuman Das

Associate Producer 副監製

AD is an IT nerd in the morning, an author by noon, an activist in the evening, and a healer by night. That sequence may change a few times in any direction during the course of the day. AD日間任職於IT界,同時身兼作家、社會運動家,夜間再變身成治療師。隨時在一天內以不同身份出沒大街小巷。
Alan Wai-Lun Cheng 鄭偉麟

Alan Wai-Lun Cheng 鄭偉麟

Editor 剪接師

Alan is a Feature Film Editor. He has edited and credited for Hong Kong feature films such as Due West: Our Sex JournalGet AwayUndercover DuetSand Pebble, and Imprisoned. In 2013, Alan became the youngest member of the Hong Kong Society of Film Editors. 鄭偉麟於2008年起加入影製作業,初期主要從事音樂錄像的後期製作。 現時主要擔任電影剪接師,於2013年加入香港電影剪輯協會,成為會中最年青的剪接師成員。剪輯作品包括有:《一路向西》、《死開啲啦》、《猛龍特囧》、《大浪淘沙》、《壹獄壹世界》
Gabriel Chan 陳家雋

Gabriel Chan 陳家雋

Music Composer 作曲

Gabriel has worked on projects ranging from musicals, film scoring, and pop song-writing. Classically trained and modernly aware, his work is often stark and cinematic, his background in film a constant undertone. Gabriel曾參與不同音樂劇、電影配樂及流行曲創作,從小接受正統音樂訓練的他卻具備時尚氣息,作品風格鮮明而富電影感,後者更是成為其作品一大特色。
John Lo 盧君柏

John Lo 盧君柏

Translator and PR 公關宣傳及翻譯

John is an experienced translator and interpreter with particular strengths in corporate communications, literature, and spirituality. He demonstrates his commitment to equality and justice by assuming various PR roles for NGOs and major community events. 盧先生是一名經驗豐富的翻譯及傳譯員,擅長企業傳訊、文學與靈性等範疇。他一直為不同非政府組織及大型社區活動擔任公關宣傳,展示其對平等及公義的追求。

KasparX team at various events

Community Business’s 2016 Hong Kong LGBT Inclusion Awards

Kaspar CB 2016

Kaspar was recognized as the 2016 Transgender Inclusion Champion for his work at Community Business’s 2016 Hong Kong LGBT Inclusion Awards Gala Dinner. Congratulations! A big thanks to Community Business and all those who continue to support him and his organization, Gender Empowerment.

Eliminate Discrimination Embrace Inclusion

Promotional Videos from the Government of Hong Kong SAR on non-discrimination against people of different sexual orientation and transgender Persons

At Amnesty International Hong Kong’s IDAHOTI Event @ City University


Introducing our new producer, Kylie Chan, at the Celebratory Drinks

Kylie Bday cake

Click here for the pics from the Celebratory Drinks

Iris Prize 2016 – IRIS PRIZE SHORTS

Kasparx has been shortlisted for the IRIS Prize 2016 in the short films category. We are excited!


Shanghai Pride Film Festival – Audience Choice Award

Kasparx was nominated for the BEST FILM and BEST EDITING categories. Thank you, Charlene, for bringing us the award all the way from Shanghai! Thank you, Shanghai Pride team.

With Charlene from Shanghai Pride Film Festival

With Charlene from Shanghai Pride Film Festival



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